Welcome To Integrated Medicine

Integrated Medicine is an effective combination of conventional science based medicine and complementary therapies, based on ancient wisdom and healing practices. An integrated approach to healing the individual as a unit of mind, body and spirit provides safe, practical and holistic health care.

Our vision of integrated medicine is inspired by the WHO definition of health - 'A state of total physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'. I qualified in conventional medicine in 1986 and then trained in various complementary therapies. While working in a variety of hospital jobs, I explored ways to integrate the individual as a whole - mind, body and spirit.

Complementary therapies work on the subtle energy system composed of energy centers and meridians. Research has suggested that patients who are motivated, willing to take responsibility and involve themselves in their own treatment, have better clinical response and recovery from illness. Integrating the two achieves disease management, health promotion and service management with lasting cost effective benefits and satisfaction for the health professionals and the patients.

We are committed to providing holistic health care in a caring and professional environment. The therapists are all fully qualified and insured and we offer a true and realistic method of combining conventional medicine and a range of complementary therapies.
How does it work?

We offer initial assessment to patients with conventional medicine and offer in holistic therapy, recommending and tailoring the choice of complementary therapies.